Why the podcast?

Me and Doug have both been pro military, when I came back to Missouri we decided to check out the local VFW. Not to throw shade, but lets say we felt they were doing next to nothing for veterans. We decided to take Salvaje Army to the next step, and part of that was not only to turn Salvaje Army into a business but, do something for veterans at the same time. Its hard to find a veteran that hasn’t been impacted by suicide anymore.

Doug and I started looking at the stats on Veteran Suicide and it was shocking. I knew it was bad but did not know to the extent. Since 2001 over 114,000 Veterans have committed Suicide. This is more people than in most towns I have lived in. These numbers are not only shocking, but unacceptable.

It does not matter if your Democrat, Republican, or religious or not, We all can agree that there is a problem that needs to be fixed. The mental health is ignored by many of the agencies that can and should help. The problems often involve treatment to function but not heel, means money will be constantly spent. This is not something insurance and agencies want to have to do.

Its not something that can be seen, or damages that can be understood. It is time that we put all our differences aside, Stand our ground and put a stop to it. 1 is 1 too many! As a country our mental health in young adults and first responders and soldiers has declined dramatically. The first one is our future, the second one is everyone’s lifeline for help and the last one is the protection of our way of life. There has to be a reason why and its time we start investigating the reasons and what to do to fix it.

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