The Truth about AR Rifles vs the agenda.

Lets start by looking at a few things like the history of the AR. The current agenda wants you to believe the word AR stands for Assault Rifle. This is false the truth is it stands for Armalite. Armalite created the AR platform rifle for the U.S military in the 1950’s. They had a tough time selling it and gave up on the platform. They sold the rights to Colt in 1959. It is important to understand the AR platform is truly not much different from other rifles in terms of shooting capacity. It is funny how many times people come to me with the intent to argue about topics they only know what the media tells the. This article was inspired by a conversation where I was told that Iowa just allowed hunting with AR platform rifles. They asked me what I thought about it. I told them I don’t care what others use to hunt as they are educated on the weapon they are using and the round they are hunting with. Not every round is designed for hunting. For example hunting is preferred to use a round that will flatten easily after hitting. Has enough power to penetrate but not go through. This will insure a more humane kill vs a painful suffering or permanent injury. I was than given the same response. ” I don’t think we need Assault Rifles to hunt with”. I just laughed and said ok. So lets get into it.

This is my 300 BLK out. The parts have came from Bear Creek Arsenal the barrel is a 16 inch barrel with a Sig scope. The charging handle is in the rear and is Semi Automatic just like all other AR rifles. The AR 15 comes in many different calibers from .22 all the way up to 6.5 grendel. Mine is a .300 and I own several different type of rounds for this same rifle. Everything from subsonic to a copper tip for hunting. The maximum effective range of this weapon is about 460 meters. The overall length of mine is 32 inches. The largest game this rifle is a good option for is Deer and Hog. At 100 yards the ft/lbs of energy is just over 300. At the Muzzle it is just over 1300. As you can see this round looses its power very rapidly. The velocity or how fast the round travels is just over 2200 Ft per second.


The top picture is my 7MM -08. It is Bolt action meaning I have to manually pull the bolt back to extract and load the next round. The Bottom picture is a stock image of a Semi Automatic 7MM -08. Other than the fact after you pull the trigger on the Semi the weapon will automatically eject and load the next round. Other than that the rest will be almost exact. I’m showing both because I don’t own a Semi Auto I only have a Bolt Action. So lets get into it. The Maximum Effective Range of the 7MM-08 Round is good for Dear and Hogs in a range over 600 Yards. The largest animal in a range under 400 yards you can use for this rifle is Elk and Black Bear. This round has a penetrating force of 1000 Ft/lbs at 600 yards. The velocity of the round is 2800 Feet per second and at the muzzle has just over 2400 ft/lbs. The overall length of mine is 42 inches, the barrel is 20 inches.

So lets get into the differences. Both have the capabilities to have a semi Automatic Action. The AR platform is a bit shorter, has more options for accessories as in a 30 round magazine, or a ten round magazine for legal hunting. Off set sites, optics. The AR platform does have a more tactical look. The largest magazine I have seen for the standard hunting rifle is a 10, Maybe they exist with more but I have not seen one. The standard hunting rifle has less options for optics and accessories. Both style of rifles come in multiple Calibers changing effective range and velocity. In the wrong hands both can be used for the wrong reasons. In the wrong hands the 7mm-08 could do damage in a mass shooting event from a longer distance. The point is when you look at the AR rifle its just another Rifle with a different name. The AR part comes from the original manufacture. Not the words Assault Rifle. The rifle does have a use in every day use. The AR rifle is a much better range weapon. You can load more rounds so you can spend more time shooting versus reloading magazines. Remember to think for yourself and just because you don’t enjoy something you don’t have the right to take that enjoyment away from others. Anything in the wrong hands can be used for evil. We don’t ban cars because people drink and drive and kill more people than guns do. We attempt to take cars away from those people.

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