Special Thanks to Ashlei Johns

I wanted to take a moment to thank an awesome Veteran. Her name is Ashlei Johns “specialist Johns”. She served with us for several years at Fort Stewert GA. She is a truly is an awesome artist as well as a hell of a Soldier. Not only did she serve this great country, but her husband is as well. She has been helping us with a special project creating the Logo for our Podcast. We literally gave her very little input and she came up with this awesome logo. I knew as soon as me and Doug talked about this I knew instantly who to ask.

She has started a small business doing drawing projects for people. As you guys know we are about highlighting awesome veterans to help make people aware of them. Today is the day we highlight her work. She is mostly on Facebook you can check it out at @romanticoredesign. She has awesome jewelry as well as you can tell she does amazing drawings. If ever in the need remember to give her the opportunity.

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