Salvaje Event 1: 1st annual shoot out

I know there has been some confusion on where the shoot out is. So here is the link to google maps to get you there. I will post the links at the bottom of this article. Our first shoot out will be conducted like this. We will have three divisions centerfire, rimfire, and pistol.

Centerfire: The only requirement for this division is it must fire a centerfire round. The caliber, scope, gun stand or sandbag is completely up to you. This is a division to bring your best rifle and show out. You will fire at 100 yards with three rounds. Top score will win ties will be broke by tightest shot group. It is 20.00 to enter. Winner gets half the pot the rest goes to Tunnel to Towers.

Rim Fire: You must use a rifle that shoots a rimfire round. The gun and caliber is up to you as well as the scope, gunstand, sandbag. This division will use the rimfire association targets. You will get 20 minutes to shoot 25 targets with 25 rounds 1 round in each target top score wins ties will be broke by most bulls eyes. Targets will be 50 yards. Winner gets half the pot and the other half goes to Tunnel To Towers

Pistol Division: This division must fire an actual pistol no Ar Pistols. It will fire from yards top score will win ties broke by best shot group. You will fire three rounds.

Schedule: All contestments must be paid and drew there numbers for shooting order by Noon. The brief will start at noon. First to brief will be Doug Norton with what Salvaje Army is all about. Second to brief will be Don Dunn with what Tunnel to Towers is all about. Last we will go over the rules first division to shoot is Centerfire, Second is Rim fire, third is Pistol.

Once the tournaments are over you will collect your prizes at the sign in table.

There will be free hotdogs and buns and condiments provided. Please bring your own drinks, gun, and ammo.

If you would like to donate and can’t make it to the shoot you can donate on our facebook page directly to Tunnel To Towers. Salvajearmy

Google maps link

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