On this Day June 28, 2005

On this day one of my worse days in my military career. The United States lost 16 heroes. 3 of them I knew very well. Call sign Turbine 33 carrying 8 Navy Seals was called upon to provide support a seal team on ground that had been compromised. Forward task force Commander Major Reich, aboard Turbine was shot down near the summit of a Mountain called Sawtalo Sar, the chinook took fire and was hit inside the aircraft causing a massive explosion. The men aboard sacrificed their life in hopes to save the life of a seal team who desperately needed their help.

I had just left that location 2 weeks prior to this happening. I had only been at work a few hours when I heard the news. I still remembering briefing my slides to Maj Reich, He was a tough officer and treated everyone equal. He would push you to be the best you can. If my slides had grammar issues or mistakes he would make me fix it and expect perfection. He made NCO’s better for knowing him. SFC Murralles, was an amazing father, husband and the best medic I knew. I miss our chats before he would go to bed and I would go to work. He knew more about medicine than most Doctors and has helped hundreds of men. Kip Jacoby, I will never forget our chats in front of the motor pool at night when you was not on mission. Talking about the car you and your Fiancé was building and just general soldier talk will always be with me.

For they loved to fight, Fought to win, and would rather die than Quit NIGHTSTALKERS DON’T QUITE!!!!!!

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