On this day June 20th, 2010

On this day Iraq’s Central bank was bombed. This bomb was carried out by the Islamic state of Iraq. This bombing brought Bagdad to its knees. Over the years the tactics changed by both the enemy as well as the United States. Lots of people go back and forth about reporters in the field, however the one thing that everybody can agree on is that our training techniques are shown to the enemy.

In the early stages of the war we use to immediately go to the area a mortar or rocket hit the FOB at to get a back azimuth. We had to stop doing this as the enemy learned to send a second in at the same place to kill the crowd and responders. I remember in Mosul our MP’s would secure areas that a car bomb had gone off. The enemy learned reaction times for us and the Iraqi Police. They would detonate a car next to a traffic circle in front of a building. Once we responded they would detonate the second VID in the area, killing the police and our Soldiers. We had to learn how to counter these tactics as well as take care of the civilians that were injured. I still remember being on the base when I seen and heard two explosions down town Mosul. I remember watching the smoke rising and I instantly knew what had happened.

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