On this day June 18, 1995

On this day Bosnian Serbs announced they would resume cooperation with United Nations. I served in Bosnia in 1998. 3 years later the fighting had finally slowed down. We than called it a peace keeping mission to prevent the fighting. This was the first time I had worked with other countries. I worked with Russian troops. It always kinda made me laugh that we was there as a peace keeping mission, but the only thing I learned in Bosnian was Stop or I will Shoot. The country had been so war torn and to this day I still remember the first thing I seen in bosnia. As we crossed over the bridge leaving Croatia on my left was a school. I remember the area looked like something you would see in little house and the prairie. The part that got me was seeing all the 50 Cal rounds that had been shot at the school from the fighting.

Working with the Bosnian military and the civillians, I learned first hand how much these people needed peace in their country. The war was brutal and people have suffered for years from it. Even though it wasn’t not a government civil war, It always made me think if this was how brutal our civil war was.

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