On this day June 16, 2007

In Iraq Operation Marne Torch began in the Arab Jobour and Salmon Pak area. Coalition forces went out to do what they were trained and extremely skilled to do. By August they detained more than 60 suspected extremist, Destroyed 51 boats, killed over 80 terrorist, and destroyed over 50 weapons cache.

All of this was conducted while millions of people go about their day with no thoughts about the evil that exists in this world. I truly feel if more people experienced what humans are capable of they would be amazed. Seeing the evil first hand makes me thank God that we do have the right to carry weapons.

It is young men and women with weapons that goes through these days, to protect millions of people that may or may not be from America. As a country we have forgot and can not relate to what a country goes through when war breaks out in a country. Take a moment to remember that our rights are God given, however they are protected by men and women with weapons.

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Resource credit to https://thisdayinusmilhist.wordpress.com/2005/06/16/june-16/

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