On this day June 15, 1944

On this day, The United States began its first attack on Japan. With the help of the Marines, The Navy, and the Coast Guard, we was able to clear the beach to set up operations. The 2D and 4th division marines cleared an area by nightfall over 10000 yards wide and 1500 yards deep.

As the decades have passed, the history we choose to teach those behind us gets mixed with hidden agendas. I think it is important to know what the brave people have done for this country, as well as the rest of this world. I find it fascinating on how the conversations must go waiting for the news paper to come out to find out what has happening. Listening to the radio like similar to how we check our phones now. Sometimes I feel like times were easier than, but you look at the resources they had. The weapons these guys were fighting with makes you realize it wasnt any easier it was just different. I think it is important we never forget. There is too many mistakes we make now if we don’t learn the lessons they have shown us.

Credit to https://thisdayinusmilhist.wordpress.com/2005/06/15/june-15/

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