On this day July 10, 2004

On this day Marines got into a fight with insurgents that was attacking a pipeline that went into the city of Ramadi. Ramadi Iraq is a huge supporter of Saddam Hussain. During the war Ramadi was a big area that was fought over for several years. Days after pulling out of Iraq the Iraqi government controlled Ramadi and lost its hold literally hours of us pulling out. This area was fairly close to a well known area called Fallujah. During this fight the marines killed 3 of the attackers and wounded 5 more.

During my time over there we would convoy from Ramadi to Fallujah twice a week to teach and help the Iraqi Army there with logistics and repairs. As you can see in the pictures the camp is based in the center of the city. The route that google shows is out the back gate requiring you to go through the city to get out of Ramadi. This was the fastest route however the most dangerous. The preferred route we took was out the front gate that took you to 1 than you would travel south around Lake Habbaniyah. This route was tremendously longer, however was traveled and swept for mines and IED more often. Lots of things during the war happened around this city, however the press mainly reported on Fallujah and Baghdad.

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Credit to: Google maps for the images and https://thisdayinusmilhist.wordpress.com/2005/07/10/july-10/ for the date of events

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