On this day August 7, 2002

On this day Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Saud said his country had made it clear to Washington, publicly and privately, that the U.S. military will not be allowed to use the kingdom’s soil in any way for an attack on Iraq. Saud said the longtime U.S. ally does not plan to expel American forces from an air base used for flights to monitor Iraq.

One thing you don’t see as much while your in is the way stories get told. After getting out I now have questions. For example, why do we continue to support countries that do not support us when its needed? Well in this example its easy, money. Our government is paid for occupying land in Kuwait and Saudi. These countries know they can’t protect themselves with their slave army. They do the next best thing and that is purchase protection.

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Credit to: https://thisdayinusmilhist.wordpress.com/2005/08/08/august-7/

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