Lets Chat about how big the Ukraine war could get

Lets take a moment and discuss how big of an impact the war in Ukraine Could get to do this we need to understand how this got to where it is today. The war actually started in 2014 when Ukraine broke away from Russia. This was a country that wanted there own independence, this is a modern day example of us in 1776. During this time two other areas split off from Ukraine. Ukraine considers them states and Russia considers them Russian territory. These two areas are pro Russia. Russia has been angered with Ukraine trying to become part of NATO, as this would violate an agreement that NATO countries had with Russia. They are demanding that Ukraine basically demilitarize the country and agree to amending their constitution preventing them from joining any other organization. Russia is also suspected of having another agenda, It is believed that he wants to reunite the Former Soviet Union. In order to do this he would need a few countries that have since joined NATO.

Russia invaded with Navy warships controlling the black sea. He had ground troops that surrounded the country from the north east and south. The goal has always been to take the capital and control the government. With his initial invasion he brought in his regular military “this is what we will call them”. Surprising to the Putin, these troops were not as prepared has he thought to handle the resistance they encountered. This has forced Putin’s hand to bring his second wave of military ground troops. These are very Perficient and currently have top technology. Currently as we I am typing this troops have gotten extremely close to the capital. So what happens if Ukraine falls?

This question really has not been answered just as of yet. One possibility is nothing, this is the best case scenario. The way I see this going out is Putin once gaining control of Ukraine will begin negotiations with NATO. This is in his best interest, with the amount of resources he has spent to capture Ukraine. With the belief that China is partnered with Putin, it opens the door to become much bigger. If China was to move on Taiwan, this would force NATO to have to take a bigger stance. Russia’s main leverage he has currently is his nuclear threat. This is the main reason nobody has stepped in to help Ukraine. With the weapons and support they have received from NATO, it still poses the threat of Russia responding onto the countries that have provided weapons and support. Primarily Poland that use to belong to Russia. Poland is part of NATO and an attack on them would force NATO’s hand to respond and starting WW3.

As you can see there is a lot at stake not just with wars but resources as Ukraine is ranked in the top 5 in natural resources that will provide a prosperous economy for years to come. This falling into the hands of Russia will force us to have to negotiate with them and import resources from them. With all the sanctions we have put on them and destroying there economy this will be a tough pill to eat. This is what has intrigued me to following this war very closely.

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