Gun Control Episode 23

During this episode Don and Doug take a moment to discuss a tough topic. As a two men who support and will defend the 2nd the Amendment its a dangerous road to walk down to start adding stipulations to our god given rights. Our four fathers when they sat down to create these rights, did not have to contend with things like the drug problem we have now. The mental health of our country is not the same as it was back than. Don said “He does feel that we should restrict the age to an AR to people 21 and older.” He also feels that we should age restrict the caliber people under the age of 21 can buy. The one common ground they both had was the real problem with protecting our schools is they don’t want to spend the money to properly protect our schools. Taking guns away from everyone will not stop guns it will make law abiding gun owners become criminals. The conversation they had was really good and deep.

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