Episode 40: World War 2 Time

In this episode Don and Doug discuss the opportunity they had with a vet that served in the 1950’s. This time was very different in America as well as in the military. They also got the opportunity to shoot several WW2 firearms. They shot an M1 Grande that was manufactured in 1942. They also shot the German Choice of weapons an 8MM Mauser. This day was spent learning about some history from this time that they did not know. It truly was an amazing day spent talking to this veteran and sharing some beer. It is a day that Doug will never forgot as the M1 Grande was on his bucket list and I am sure his search engine history is filled with pricing and trying to find one. Here is a few videos of us shooting and pictures from the day. You can listen to the whole podcast as well.

Episode 49: Family Time 3 – Little Dude & Dad Jokes Two Drunk Dudes In A Gun Room

In this Episode Don couldn't make it so we brought little dude Ethan in for some Q & A as well as his DAD Jokes!Follow us on Facebook, You Tube, Tik Tok,   Help us put an end to veteran Suicide and continue to make people laugh.  You never know who needs to laugh today to see tomorrow.
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