Episode: 21 Up Close And Personal

In this episode Don and Doug discuss how PTSD and TBI have effected them and there families. This was a tough and emotional episode to get through. “Don stated, I know who I was prior to the military, and after 9-11, These things were taken away from me so slowly that I didn’t even know it was happening.”

“Don replied, The people who noticed these changes was being effected way before I even noticed. I began to hate myself, and push my family away.”

During the podcast “Doug commented, the biggest thing people say is I look pissed and anything can set me off”.

The problem with PTSD is it’s invisible, during the military time our troops are trained to be invincible. If you are hurt your week, If you are having mental health issues than your useless. From being told this and seeing it over and over Soldiers won’t say nothing. With repeat deployments the damage gets compiled to the point a breaking point is reached. At this point the Soldiers are feeling broken as well ashamed for being weak. With the additional stress of being out back in the civilian world and becoming a number, they feel alone. The camaraderie and the battle buddies they have come to rely on is now gone. It is important to reach every veteran to bring back the camaraderie and the life lines we are accustomed to. Do not let a friend or a family member who has served, feel they are alone always keep that line of communication open. If you follow the podcast we end our show with a list of all the resources. Thanks for following us. Listen and download the show here for free Podcast.

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