On this day August 9, 1813

On this day, After reports that British naval vessels were nearing St. Michaels, Md., to attack the shipbuilding town that night, the county militia placed lanterns on the tops of the tallest trees and on the masts of vessels in the harbor; and had all other lights extinguished. When the British attacked, they directed their fire too high and overshot the town.

How would it feel to know that you are relying on trick lighting to protect yourself from being shelled. Sometimes it amazes me to read about tactics and training practices from early America.

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On this Day August 8, 1854

On this day Smith and Wesson patented metal bullet cartridges. It is just amazing looking at how advanced the round has gotten since this day. You look at the technology that goes into the making of rounds today compared to what they did back than. Obviously the accuracy has improved drastically too. It does astonish me how much history that people just don’t want to discuss and would rather get rid of it versus embracing it. I think it would be awesome to just own some of the rounds from this time.

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Episode 38: Military Brat

In this episode Don and Doug discuss some of the challenges in balancing parenting and deployments. Doug stated “In 3rd ID the train does not stop, when he is home he will spoil his kids”. I think this is something every veteran can relate. When coming home you don’t want to punish your kids, you want to make up for the time you was not there for them. I think some guilt plays a part in that. I think this was a true episode that just about anyone who works away from home can relate too. Click the image to listen now.

On this day August 7, 2002

On this day Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Saud said his country had made it clear to Washington, publicly and privately, that the U.S. military will not be allowed to use the kingdom’s soil in any way for an attack on Iraq. Saud said the longtime U.S. ally does not plan to expel American forces from an air base used for flights to monitor Iraq.

One thing you don’t see as much while your in is the way stories get told. After getting out I now have questions. For example, why do we continue to support countries that do not support us when its needed? Well in this example its easy, money. Our government is paid for occupying land in Kuwait and Saudi. These countries know they can’t protect themselves with their slave army. They do the next best thing and that is purchase protection.

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On this day August 4, 1997

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan approves a revised Iraqi aid distribution plan under the U.N. oil-for-food program. Since late May, Iraq has refused to sell any oil until the U.N. approved the revised aid distribution plan which is designed to speed up the procedure for approving shipments of humanitarian goods.

It has always been baffling to me how the world runs. One minute we are invading these countries the next we are cutting deals with them. Do you think if the rulers and governments stood on the frontlines they would later make the same deals? It is really something to wonder about. How many good deals would we miss if that happened?

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On this day August 3, 1943

 Gen. George S. Patton slapped a private at an army hospital in Sicily, accusing him of cowardice. Patton was later ordered by Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower to apologize for this and a second, similar episode.

The times of service these days were very different. I won’t say they were wrong. The wars that happened during that time required a person to be prepared differently. Gen Patton may have been hard, but he made warriors. He knew what it took to win a war.

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On this date August 2, 1990

Iraq invaded Kuwait, seizing control of the oil-rich emirate. The day came to be known in Kuwait as “Black Thursday.” 330 Kuwaitis died during the occupation and war. Sadam Hussein, leader of Iraq, took over Kuwait. G. Bush led an inter-national coalition for sanctions and a demand for withdrawal. The Iraqis were later driven out in Operation Desert Storm.

I am sure several people remember this day. I was a Freshmen in high school. The time that it tooked to push them back to Iraq in my opinion was incredible and only shows how amazing our military is. The problem has been the decisions by the people who have not served. This has shown to be truth over and over.

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On this day

President Roosevelt forbids the export of oil and aviation fuel from the United States except to Britain, the British Commonwealth countries and countries of the Western Hemisphere. This decision is aimed at Japan. Roosevelt’s decision confirms steps taken recently when Japanese assets were frozen (on July 26th).

When you look at the situation we are in currently, you should be shocked. Who would have thought that at one point we was exporting oil and controlling who got it? Currently we are begging for increased oil imports.

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On this day July 31, 1912

On this day we made the first attempt to launch an aircraft by a catapult made in Annapolis. Looking back from now we think to ourselves that this is crazy. Just think what had we thought that in 1912? Would there be airplanes today? It really goes to show that it takes a dedicated person to push through the noise to get to the destination. I know I have failed several times and I have learned from those failures. I am firm believer that anything easy isn’t worth doing.

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